The Mark of Zorro

This All Hollow’s Eve Sheila wishes to be Zorro.
Olive skin, black silk mask, angular hat – Zorro.
Over my dead body says our Mother  It’s either
A fairy princess or St. Bridget and no complaining
From yourself little Miss.
  And now she’s on about
The Irish inventing Halloween.  Ah Ma, I say
Did the Irish invent everything?  Oh and aren’t
You the wiseacre?  Didn’t they carve faces on turnips
And aren’t turnips a lot tastier than pumpkins?
Eat up and get going.  And remember: “Beggars
Can’t be choosers… Michael you and Timmy go as bums
Go see your Father for what that takes
Bring your little brother along.
 What’s he to be?
He’s to be your little brother Kevin. Just bring him.
Next year I put coonskin caps on layaway for you all.
Off she vanishes into the wet night shift and Our Dad,
Who was going to be no one again this year-  lit the cork
Off a dusty bottle of sherry with his silver lighter
Won from betting on a horse called Ghost White at Thistledown,
Snaps it shut like the boot click of shinning heels
At the tomb of the Unknown Soldier on a moonless night.
Butane smell, Camel’s smoky cloud from our very own dragon
Fuming in his mysteries.  Off we go with charcoal chins
“ Trick or treat. “ Tricks we hadn’t any,
we beggars in the making.

Later in our very own Haunted House we divided the spoils like pirates
Excepting Mike who took his paper bag upstairs
Who one day becomes a very well paid director of philanthropy.
Sheila comes in empty handed laughing in a swoon, says
She walked up and down Rocky River Drive in the company of elves
Who drew back a shimmering veil and gave her a glimpse of the Infinite.
Kevin played  Hide and Seek for the rest of his days,
Not it ! He cried. You’ll never find me.  Until one day he was “it”
And they found him and they murdered him.
Timmy never did get to be Davy Crockett. One year he went out
As “the Kept Man” and got so much candy he was sick for a decade.
And Sheila, Sheila the mother of five, we’d love to ask Sheila
About the further Adventures of Zorro, with that black silk mask.
She only smiles mischievously and slices the air with a flour-covered finger
In the zig -zag of  Z