White Pebble

Sister, let me be a single word
In the book of your life. Just one.
I’ll hide in the leaves
Among the adventure
Of your young years
Or at the threshold
Of the door you walked through
To return no more.
I’ll be in the roadside weeds
Your busted headlight searches,
Blowing by until your purple taillights
Race out of sight.

I am one of the secret things
You left somewhere in the world
On the blue blue shore o silence
After the storm passed
Leaving faint signs- celestial ash
And the everlasting rapture
Of sharing the labor of solitude and need.

And when you fret away
Your old and tired eyes
Gazing down again to make sense
Of a story that used to be your tornado of a life
There I will be a jagged white stone
Among a million smooth whiter pebbles
That absently mindedly catches your fancy

You’ll lean down in pain to reach
To feel the left of something
So small, so ordinary, and exquisite perhaps
Because it asks for nothing:
Some fond notion may cross your mind
Like a cloud slipping
Soundlessly over the murmuring azure ocean
And that will be me